International Festival For Young Singers

Gävle  SWEDEN - 31 Aug to 3 Sept 2016



  1. To participate in "Thank You For The Music" you must
       be in the age of 7-19 years (Born 1997-2009)
  2. All participants of "Thank You For The Music" will be chosen
       after applying, or by receiving a Special Invitation.

  3. You can apply as soloist or as a duo.

  4. Applying does not cost anything.

  5. All applications shall be made in accordance with the information
       in the "Application" menu at the top of of this page. 

  6. Clicking "I agree with the terms", in the application form is the
       same as signing a document where you agree with all the rules,
       terms and conditions of "Thank You For The Music". 

  7. Last day to apply is May 29 - 2016.

  8. All applications will be viewed and handled by a jury/committee.
      Not later than May 31- 2016, we will contact the singers chosen
      by the jury/committee on e-mail.
     * Please note that the participants will not be chosen by
        country or gender. Only the artistic and musical talent is
     * A total of 40 singers will be accepted as participants:
       (A duo is here looked upon as one singer)

  9. Please know and understand that the applications jury/committees
       decisions on who will be accepted as participants
       in the festival are final and to be respected.
       We will not accept or engage in any discussions on
       why somebody was not chosen.
10. If you have received a Special Invitation from the organizers,
        you follow the instructions given on that document.
      * Recieving a Special Invitation document means you are already accepted as  
      * The organizers reserve the right to give participant with Special Invitation
         reduced prices or be free of charge.

11.   The organizers also reserve the right to hand out other types of Invitation
          * If you have received an Invitation from the organizers, you follow the
             instructions given of that document. (Please know and understand they are
            not the same as Special Invitation)



 12. The participation fee is 50 Euro/contestant, and shall be paid
         in accordance with the instructions you will receive on e-mail,
         if you are chosen as participant.
        * The participation fee can not be refunded after payment 

13.  All travel costs, hotel, insurance, excursions and meals are covered
         by the
participants themselves.
       * For detalied information about the total cost for the festival days, go
          to "The festival" menu and choose "Costs & Fees"

14. Hotel City is the official hotel for the festival. You book and
        pay in accordance with the information you will receive on e-mail
        if you are chosen as participant.

15. If you must cancel your hotel booking (and the included meals), this must be
        done no later than on July 18, or no refund will bepossible. 

16. All participants must be in Gävle at the given time, you will
        receive from the organizers. DO NOT book any flight, transfer or hotel until
        you know that you have received confirmation on your
        e-mail that you have been chosen as participant.


17. The singers who have been chosen to participate in
      “Thank you for the music” prepare for three performances.
        (You will need two songs for the festival)

      a) The Welcome Concert, that will be an outdoor event on the big
           square of Gävle. For this show you chose any song you want.
          (This performance will have no possibility for rehearsal)
      b) The Competition, that will be arranged as an event for school kids
           in your own age at the big Concert Hall of Gävle. Your song is
           free of choice but keep in mind the audience is young and probably
           prefer well-known modern pop songs.
       c) The Gala Concert, that will be held on the last night in the big
            Concert Hall.  The winners of each category will sing, as well as
            other contestants that have been awarded. 
           * Please note that on the Gala Show the festival producers will
              decide the choice of songs
            * We are also working on the possibility of more stage
               performances for the participants.
               Since we do not yet know details, it is
               important that everyone knows and understands that we can not
               guarantee that every contestant get to sing equally much on
               those possible "Bonus performances".
18.  The participants of ”THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC”
        will compete in four age groups. The year of birth
        determines the age group the contestant will compete in.

     Group 1:    7 - 10 years (born 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006)
Group 2:   11 - 12 years (born 2005 and 2004)
Group 3:   13 - 15 years (born 2003, 2002 and 2001)
Group 4:   16 - 18 years (born 2000, 1999, 1998 and 1997)
19.  A professional jury will award one winner, one second place and                    
        one third place in each age group. The criterias and more 
        detailed information about the jury, you will find in the
       "Jury-criterias-awards" section in "The festival" menu at the top of this page.  
       There will also be a Grand Prix award. 

20.  The awards/prices will be trofees, medals and diplomas. 

21. No coaches or any other closely related to the participants, are
        allowed in the jury. 

22. Please note that on all the concerts in the Concert Hall,
        the audience will be seated before the festival delegations.
       This means you most likely will not be able to sit in the front rows.
       It will be the Concert Hall Staff that decides where delegations are
       to be seated. 

23. Please also note that during the Concerts, only the contestants and
        the festival crew are allowed backstage. 


24.   All songs will be performed LIVE with backingtrack. 
          Backing vocals of all kinds are allowed on the backing track,
          except for the lead vocal. 
         (Harmonies that dub the lead vocal on parts like the chorus are
25.  Every backing track must be a wav-file of perfect sound quality,
         and shall be sent to us according to the information you will be
         receiving on e-mail if you are chosen as participant.

26.  The songs cannot be any longer than 4 minutes. 

27.  The running order for all performances will be communicated
         on the official information meeting. 

28.  Two participants cannot use the same song
         during the festival. The first one choosing a particular song, will be
         the one who gets to sing it. 

29.  The festival reserve the right of public transmission of the
         performances, as well as recording and publishing of
         video, photo and audio materials during the entire festival. 

30.  Each contestant/official accompany person takes full
         responsibility of permissions, using copyright material.
31. The organizers of the festival reserves the right to
        change inappropriate songs, lyrics, stage manners or costumes. 


32.   The most important rule of "Thank you for the music" is the spirit
          of the festival.

            * It is very important that everyone keep a kind, respectful and
               friendly tone towards each other.
            * Also please have an open, patient and generous mind when it
               comes to the choice of who sings on The Gala Show, jury´s
               decisions in the competition and problems that might
               occur, such as delays, technical problems and such.

            * Please know and understand we will not tolerate or handle any
               claims and discussions about why a certain participant 
               didn´t place higher or didn´t get to sing as much as someone
               else on the Gala Show or on any "Bonus-performance". 
               Should any delegate not respect this, the organizers
​               reserves the right to make a decision of non-refunded exclusion
               from the festival.


33.     In the application form, an official
           ACCOMPANY PERSON must be chosen for each contestant.
           This has to be someone over the age of 18 years, preferably
           a parent or a coach.  

  • - To sign the document where you agree with the festival rules.
       This is done by clicking ”I agree with the terms/rules of the festival”
       in the application form.
  • - To carefully read all information and rules regarding the festival
  • - To keep updated on any changes
  • - To book flight to Arlanda Airport
  • - To book transfer from Arlanda Airport to Gävle, and to let us know if you
       choose to use the festivals official transfer
  • - To make sure the participant is present when the festival starts
        in the early day of Wednesday August 31.
  • - To book the hotel in accordance with the information you will recieve if
        your singer is chosen as participant.
  • - To make sure everyone in your delegation follow and respect all the rules,
       terms and conditions of the festival


35. The organizers reserves the right to make any changes in schedule,
        concert forms,  age groups and change number of participants if it benefits the