International Festival For Young Singers

Gävle  SWEDEN - 31 Aug to 3 Sept 2016



When applying to "Thank you for the music" your video performance will be viewed by a jury/comittee. They will decide who is accepted as participant. The voice is of most importance, but also to have a natural stage presence. The choice of song can also be of importance, since it decides how we hear your voice. 
It will not matter what country you come from, or your gender.
Only the artistic and musical talents are of importance. 

The jury judging the international applications will be supervised by
festival director Johan Jämtberg, and the jury judging the swedish applications will be supervised by festival assistant Marie Norén. 

A total of 40 singers will be chosen to participate.

The jury/comittées decisions on who will be accepted as participant of the festival are final.


During the festival there will be a competition part and a proffessional jury will look at three main criterias during the singers performances.

1) Voice  - your tone and pitch, plus feeling, voice sound and more
     undefinable qualities that is in the taste of the particular jury      

2) Choice of song - one of the most important things to think about as a
     singer is to choose the best song for yourself and your type of voice.
     The best thing is if you find a song that you like to sing, that can appeal
     to the audience plus of course really shows all the best qualitites of
     your voice 

3) Stage performance. It is important to find a good balance between
     being a natural stage performer - not overdoing your performance
     with too much "acting" - and at the same time have stage presence and
     the ability to touch the audience.

The jury members can give a maximum of 20 points on each of the three criterias. That means a contestant can get a maximum of 60 points.
The points will be merged and the jury will discuss who will be on third, second and first place, based on the resluts of the points. The jurys final decisions are to be respected and cannot be changed. 


​In each age category the jury will chose a third a second and a first price. A Grand Prix will also be rewarded.

The prices will trofés, medals and diplomas.