International Festival For Young Singers

Gävle  SWEDEN - 31 Aug to 3 Sept 2016


Finally! For the first time ever, Sweden has its own International Festival For Young Singers.

Anyone in the age between 7-19 years (born 1997-2009) is welcome to apply. A total of 40 participants will finally be chosen for the festival.  

Thank You For The Music, organized by Helges Vocal Studio, will take place
from Wednesday August 31 to Saturday September 3 - 2016, in the city of Gävle - Sweden. 

The festival will have three main music events

    * An outdoor Welcome Concert on a big stage at the Centre Square

    * A competition at the Great Concert Hall of Gävle, where the participants will
       be divided in four age groups.
      (7-10 years) (11-12 years) (13-15 years) and (16-19 years)
​      - The age groups may change if necessary

     * A Final Gala Show at the Great Concert Hall of Gävle.

       (You will need 2 songs for the festival)

Fun activities and a celebration to music.

- Thank You For The Music will be arranged in a friendly and positive spirit, with
   the aim to give young singers the possibility of performing on a big stage and
   meeting others with the same passion for music.

   The competition part of the festival is mainly to keep it a little extra
   exciting for the audience, and is to be taken with a relaxed and generous mind.
   Our main focus will be on spending time together making concerts, and have a
   really good time.

   Our festival is a celebration to music and is made from the perspective
   of the young participants.  We will have lots of fun activities, such as disco, and 
   excursion to Gröna Lund - a big amusement park in Stockholm. 

How it works - quick guide

   - First read the festival rules. (Go to "Rules" in the menu)

   - Also read other important information you might need . Take your time
     and look in the menus at the top of the page.

  -  If you decide to apply, you need to prepare two things for the application.
      1) A link to a Youtube clip where we can see and hear you sing live.
      2) Decide who will be your official accompany person. This is someone over the
           age of 18, for example a parent or a coach.

   - Go to the “Application” menu.
      Read all the information, and then choose and fill in the application form,
      click “I agree with the terms” and send it. Done.
     * Last date to apply is on May 29 – 2016.

  - If you are chosen as participant we will contact you on e-mail no later than
     May 31 – 2016. 
     We will help you and inform of important things like, hotel booking, if you need
     documents for Visa, bus transfer to Gävle, and details on how to make your
     payment, etc.

   - If you have any question please send us an e-mail
  We are looking forward to your application  :)
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